“There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity”

Tom Peters

As a leader you’ve put yourself in a position where everything you do could be scrutinised.

No one expects you to be perfect, they’re more realistic than that. However people do expect you to be honest when you get it wrong.

Even better, when people get to know that your first response is to take ownership they will no longer feel the need to scrutinise your every move.

Why ‘People First’?

Organisations are no more than the people that represent them.

Your people control how your business is perceived by the outside world, not you or the organisation itself.

For customers, the least senior people have the greatest influence. So it makes sense – look after your people and they will look after the rest.

Competitive advantage

How do you develop a sustainable competitive advantage?

Businesses can no longer compete merely through the products and services they offer when these can be copied (sometimes very quickly). I’d argue that the one remaining point of differentiation is a businesses “personality” displayed through its culture and especially through it’s values.

Culture gives a more enduring competative advantage than any new product or service and had the added bonus of creating a place where people want go to every day. People say they like working with Breathe because of our people and their approach to business, not just because of our great product.