• Win:Win

    31 May, 2020 by

    I’ve just finished reading The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and I’ve got to say it’s had a big impact on my thinking. Most of the accepted wisdom around business is based on finite thinking. The pie is a fixed size and there will be winners and losers. Thinking that emphasises ‘first’, ‘biggest’ and ‘best’.… Read more

  • Why and how, not what.

    21 May, 2020 by

    I hosted a webinar today on resiliance and specifically how we prepare our businesses to come out of lockdown with confidence rather than fear. Part way through, I realised there was something to learn about company culture. We we’re talking about what businesses had done to tackle the impact of lockdown and how we could… Read more

  • Why ‘People First’ matters now.

    12 May, 2020 by

    We’re building Breathe around the cause of inspiring businesses to create happy, healthy and productive workplaces by putting their people at the heart of what they do. We call this a People First culture. This may sound grand and inspirational (which to some extent it’s intended to be) but it’s also immensely practical at a… Read more

  • Are you a creator or a consumer?

    5 May, 2020 by

    Whenever our country, community or business faces a challenge we, as individuals, have the power to decide whether we’re going to join the search for solutions or become part of the problem. This is the difference between creators and consumers. To some degree everyone creates and everyone consumes, but it’s down to each of us… Read more

  • Create a culture of intimacy

    29 April, 2020 by

    My latest Audible ‘read’ is Small Giants by Bo Birlingham. It’s a study of companies that choose to be great instead of big. Now, everything’s relative and many of the companies he studies are pretty big, but the point is they don’t focus on growth at all costs. I love books like this because they… Read more

  • Does your company have soul?

    21 April, 2020 by

    Some companies are just different – there’s a buzz about them, they’re clearly more robust, driven and purposeful that their peers. Even in difficult times they seem to have direction – employees know where they’re going, customers know what to expect and the company feels in sync with it’s market. You could call this culture… Read more

  • A new kind of meeting

    14 April, 2020 by

    Leading a small business through a crisis requires a very different kind of leadership. It’s much more hands on and intentional. Ben Horowitz describes it as being a ‘war time CEO’, as opposed to a ‘peace time CEO’, in his book ‘The hard thing about hard things’. Very early on we started to form an… Read more

  • A time for curiosity

    7 April, 2020 by

    The 24hr media machine is drowning us in a flood of content that is near impossible to ignore. All the top ‘news’ stories are about the Corona Virus pandemic but it’s hard to unearth the facts that enable us to take control of our own thinking. To keep our heads above water demands a level… Read more

  • The need to be present

    31 March, 2020 by

    Being present for your people is a vital leadership quality and incredibly important in these difficult times. But it’s way too easy for leaders to get trapped behind busy schedules or to give out signals that what they are doing is far more important. When our people are worried its essential that we over communicate… Read more

  • The future of work

    17 March, 2020 by

    Recent research has shown that we’re actually running out of people and the people we do have are becoming less and less productive. Unemployment in the UK is running at an all time low, at the same time that we are in the midst of a what is slightly comically called a productivity puzzle. So… Read more

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