Sometimes it needs to get personal!

I’m seeing first hand what it’s like to be hunting for a job.

My daughter is fresh out of university (well, after 4 months exploring Australia) and actively seeking her first job. She’s putting in the legwork – finding job adverts, writing tailored applications and answering all the questions asked. And on the whole its going well. But what’s really getting me annoyed is how few companies respond to her applications.

Come on people, it’s not that hard. You are dealing with often stressed out minds so please send out responses. I understand that tailored responses (the gold standard) take time but even a standard response would let them move on. At the very, very least, please be up front and tell them not to expect a response.

The best companies treat all applicants as the fragile humans that they are. A few companies have treated her exceptionally well and I want to take the opportunity to applaud them. These companies will win in the end as their reputation as great employers will draw in the best people.