2020 focus

Two of my favourite words in business are ‘simple’ and ‘focus’ and I dont believe they can ever be used enough when talking about strategy or operations. I’ll cover ‘simple’ in another post as I want to get up on my soap box about businesses being focussed.

Focus means being crystal clear about what we do and most importantly, who we do it for. I’ve worked for companies of all sizes but my passion is for small businesses and consequently that’s where our focus lies – businesses with up to 250 employees. It’s not a guideline, it’s a principle. I would genuinely rather sell to a buisiness with 40 employees than I would one with 400. Let me be clear, if a great business opportunity comes along for a company with 400 employees we will politely say “no thank you” because you can’t flex a principle.

The reason for this is that everything is different with mid-market and SME businesses: proposition; go to market; delivery, support, etc etc. I don’t know of a single software company that has done both markets really well. And we’re not about to try to be the first!

Everything we do is designed to meet the specific needs of smaller businesses. Their needs are often no less complex but their resources are always smaller. Fewer people to allocate to a project, less money to spend and shorter timeframes. The flip side is often greater need, faster decision making, higher engagement and stronger relationships.

I believe this level of focus provides clarity for #teamBreathe and has the best chance of providing our customers with the solutions they need, at a price they can afford.